This is Jackson Brown!  Such a good looking boy!  Sadly, Jackson went to Rainbow Bridge in 2006.
He is missed by his mom & dad.

This is Austin at 4 weeks old & 18 months old.
Austin now proudly owns Therese & Mike & lives in  New Brunswick


Here are Doc & Mia.  These 2 cuties live in  New Hampshire

This is Paddington Bear - RIP little guy - you will be missed (1984-2009)


This is Sunny.


This is Tiger & Bessie Hatcher

Lily resided with Amanda and all the Lake family. RIP Little LIly <3

Here are Maggie & Milo Decker in Newfoundland!

Here are Sam & loved by the Langlois family

Zoey now lives in St. John's, NF with her new mommy Nancy

This is Charley and her big brother.  She is now a member of the Lavy family.

Jake is now a member of the Maione family

This Darby with her mom - she now resides in Labrador

This is Neo going home with his new mommy & daddy!!

This is Kiwi ~ she is now a member of the Demetelin family.


This is Rupert, who lives in Kingston with Richard & June

Here's Casey and his mom & dad, Simon & Sandra

This is Chip & Milou who are adored by Manuel & Yves

Mousseline Geoffrion and her new family!

This is Tyson

Ryder lives in New York City with his mom Tami - both have graduated from Harvard - both in their cap & gown!!!  CONGRATS!!

This is Max, such a cutie.  He is loved by his mom Donna.

Jamie with his mom, Monique

Champ & Shaggy now reside with Katerine & Adele

Sonja just before leaving with her new family and 1 year later - how pretty!!

Chase Langille ~ such an adorable little guy!

Buddy Crewe

Versace Seguin

Harley & Davidson Read.  How cool are their names!!

This is Lily with her new mom, Vivian

Cachemire & his mom

Gracie with her best friend Molly

This is Tetley who now lives in Toronto with his family ~ what a gorgeous boy!

Charlie Kay now resides with the Komlos family!  Charlie is such a happy little fellow!

Here's Mimi with her mom Mireille and her dad Roger and on the bicycle (wow!!)

Lacy Romano

Buddy (left) & his brother Bailey

Fifa (r) and her baby brother, Calvin (l)

Andy Sheppard

Stretch & Jasmin reside with Angie in Ottawa ~ both already have Obedience titles

Oiver Pinchuk

LouLou Potvin

Snoopy Barnes

Owned & Loved by Larry in TX, USA

RIP Riley Nelson. You are missed <3

Buddy Zappos

Manook & Mia ~ happily reside with Annette ~ Too Cute!

Oliver & Sophie: Friends!

Max now calls PA home! Isn't he a looker!

Chewie Vail - Isn't he gorgeous!

Mojo & Ripley. They live in LA with their mommy, Kathy.

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