Debbie's 6th Birthday
Debbie (left)
 & Robert (back left)
Our Wedding
Debbie & Robert
August 28th, 1999

Robert and I have known each other since we were born.

Robert's mom and my mom were best friends!

Although we were not great friends growing up (ick!!), we later became terrific friends and then fell in love.

Now we are back to being terrific friends (who are in love!) with a common passion and love for our dogs!!!

My husband and I purchased our first home in 2001...we did some work on it...but, it seems like there's always something else that can be done ;-)

After a hard couple of years dealing with my mother's illness, Robert & I are finally back on track and hoping to start our next project in 2013.

Squirrel Yorkies (Permanently Registered), located in Chateauguay (20 minutes from Montreal),

Quebec, Canada, believes in improving the Yorkshire Terrier breed and is committed

to raising only a couple of litters a year.  We strongly oppose puppy mills and encourage

and use non-breeding & spay/neuter contracts.  Squirrel Yorkies has been producing exceptional

quality Yorkies since 1986 and showing these distinctive dogs since 1987.   Squirrel Yorkies has

produced or shown over 40 champions and had Yorkies in the

Top 5 in Canada for 7 consecutive years.

We are a hobby kennel - this is not a business - Dogs/Lives should never be a business.

Inquiries are always welcome ~ please see our Email page for contact information.

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